Can a Heat Pump Be Damaged by Clogged Filters?

Posted by Chris Allen

The filter inside any forced-air HVAC system (heat pump, air conditioner, furnace) does a vital job for the system’s operation, despite its simple appearance. The filter catches debris, such as dust, sticks, gravel, hair, and prevents it from entering the system’s cabinet, where it might damage vital components or impair their operation. If a filter becomes excessively clogged, it will start to fail at its job—and this will damage the system.

This is why it is important that you change the filter on your heat pump at least once a month when it is operating regularly. Neglecting this will lead to unnecessary needs for heat pump repair in Charlotte, NC. We’ll explain a bit more how a clogged filter leads to heat pump trouble. For dependable and speedy repairs, call the trained technicians at Air Conditioning Experts today.

Ways a clogged filter can damage a heat pump

  • Dust and debris infiltration into a heat pump’s cabinet will interfere with its operation. One of the most vulnerable parts of a heat pump to dust is the bearings on the motors for the fans and the compressors. Covered with dust, the motor bearings will rapidly wear down, causing motor burnout. Dirt that covers the condensing and evaporating coils will impair the heat pump’s heat exchange cycle, while larger debris can bend fan blades or put dents in fan belts.
  • A clogged air filter will make a heat pump strain harder because of the restriction of airflow. The harder a heat pump must work, the faster it ages. Its components will start to wear down and eventually require premature repairs or replacement.
  • Finally, a worst-case scenario, although it does happen: a filter can become so clogged that eventually it collapses and falls into the heat pump cabinet. The damage this can cause is extensive. Yes, it is a rare occurrence—but it shows how potentially dangerous it is to ignore a clogged filter.

Change the filter regularly—and have maintenance done regularly

It only takes a few minutes to change a filter, and if you do it once a month, your heat pump should have little to worry about from air filter clogging. But, to make sure your heat pump isn’t sustaining damage from dust, dirt, or anything else that will make it wear down too early, you should schedule regular maintenance for it: twice a year, once before heating season and once before cooling season. Professionals will make sure your heat pump is working at its best.

Air Conditioning Experts has the Comfort Club to provide you with routine maintenance. It also provides a 15% discount on parts and labor when you need heat pump repair in Charlotte, NC. Contact us today to enroll.

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