Charlotte Duct Cleaning Guide: Potential Causes of Dirty Ducts

Posted by Chris Allen

The duct system in your home is attached to a heating and/or air conditioning unit, and is used to move air throughout your house. Over time, they can become dusty and dirty, which poses a problem for the overall quality of life in your home. As the air blows through the ducts, it pushes the dust throughout your house: increasing irritation to your lungs and perhaps causing an allergic reaction in sensitive family members. In towns like Charlotte, duct cleaning services are readily available, and you can often wait until air conditioning season ends before scheduling a cleaning session from a qualified representative. But what are the potential causes of dirty ducts? The list can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Leaks or breaches. When the fittings between ducts wear out, they can create breaches in the system. Leaks can also form if the ducts become corroded or damaged through external sources. The air flow inside the ducts creates negative pressure, which can pull in the dust and other contaminants.
  • The AC unit. The air conditioning unit itself can become dusty or dirty, or dust may enter the unit from outside in some way. When the blower pushes cool air into the duct system, it may carry some of the dust with it.
  • Conditions inside the home. Air can often recirculate through the duct system, carrying dust and dirt with it in the process. If you work outdoors or have kids who play outdoors, they may track dirt in when they come inside. Pets produce dander and may track dust in from outside as well. All of that may end up in the ducts as time goes on.

Whatever the cause, you need a trained professional to clean your ducts out properly. A proper service expert will treat your home with the utmost care and respect while he or she works, as well as identifying the potential sources of the dust and scheduling a repair session to take care of it. Air Conditioning Experts has trained personnel to handle any HVAC issue in Charlotte; duct cleaning is a standard service we offer. Contact us today and let us get your ducts clean again.

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