Charlotte Heating Maintenance FAQ: Do Radiant Heating Systems Require Maintenance?

Posted by Chris Allen

Popular in Europe for many years, radiant floor heating systems have started to become common in the US. If you have a radiant heating, then you know why they’re becoming top options for home comfort: cozy warmth right beneath your feet, even heat distribution, quiet operation, no lowering of air quality, and reliable performance.

Radiant heating works so well and unobtrusively that you might not believe it needs maintenance at all, unlike a furnace or a boiler. In fact, we’ve seen claims online that radiant heating systems are “maintenance free!” because they lack components like  ducts and air filters. While it’s true that radiant heating boasts the advantage of needing fewer repairs then most other heaters, any complex system that gets the sort of use that  radiant floor heating does needs to receive regular care for it to have a long lifespan. In Charlotte, NC, heating maintenance is crucial to make sure you don’t end up with a busted system on the coldest day of the year.

Air Conditioning Experts installs, repairs, and maintains radiant floor heating systems, and we can explain why you need maintenance done on yours.

Because you most likely have a hydronic system for your radiant heating, many of the maintenance concerns will be with the boilers and the pumps. Maintenance technicians will check to see that all the valves and connections are good and the water pressure is at the right level. Checking for leaks is also important for any hydronic system.

Another problem that radiant heating can face is from minute damage in floorboards. You may not notice these small gaps, but they will allow heat to escape and reduce your heater’s effectiveness. A maintenance check will be able to spot these problems so you can get your heater back to top-level operation. Floor damage may also warp the heating elements without you noticing.

Radiant floor heating will relieve many of your winter worries—but you still need regular maintenance to reduce those worries further. Just because you don’t see and hear radiant heating at work doesn’t mean it isn’t working hard. Contact Air Conditioning Experts for all kinds of Charlotte, NC heating maintenance needs, even for that durable radiant heater.

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