Charlotte, NC Heating Repair: Low Air Quality and Your Heater

Posted by Chris Allen

During the winter, you should take air quality into account as well as reliable heating. Our winters can get cold, and heaters provide a welcome respite from the frosty temperatures. But at the same time, a heater can affect the quality of the air inside your home (for better or for worse depending on how you treat it).

Your heater comes equipped with an air filter, designed to keep the internal components clean and free of dust. The air filter also keeps dust and debris from getting into your ducts, and through them to the various corners of your home. You need to replace your air filter on a regular basis in order to keep the heater clean, and schedule a regular maintenance session from a trained professional to keep the internal components clean.

Otherwise, the air quality in your home can suffer, which can be devastating in the winter. If you suffer from allergies, you may find the frequency of attacks increasing. Even if you don’t, your throat and nose may become more irritated, and you may find yourself having to clean dust off of your furniture more often than you might like. In addition, heaters have a way of drying out the air, which can cause problems of its own. Wood can dry out and crack, furnishings can suffer, and the problems associated with dust inhalation will grow worse.

Beyond changing your air filter and planning for professional maintenance, you can help avoid this with judicious use of a humidifier, and by adjusting the settings on your heater itself. Air Conditioning Experts can help. When it comes to heating repair, Charlotte NC can’t do better: our trained experts will help make your heater as efficient as it can be, while keeping air quality in your home high. We also handle routine maintenance service, as well as repairs. Give us a call today to set up an appointment; you’ll be glad you did.

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