Common Gas Furnace Problems

Posted by Chris Allen

We service a lot of gas furnaces in North Carolina, and while boiler technology and other forms of heating are popular as well, the traditional centralized gas furnace remains a staple for many area homes. When problems arise with it, you need to be able to spot the difficulties and call in a trained Charlotte heating repair professional to deal with them.  Here’s a list of some common gas furnace problems to look out for.

  • Dirty filters and components: When a furnace isn’t maintained, dirt and dust can build up inside. Eventually, it can clog the heads of burners, prevent air filters from doing their job and increase friction between moving parts. A regular maintenance visit –preferably before heating season begins – can handle this issue, and, if needed, you can schedule a repair to clear up any specific damage caused by excessive dirt.
  • Ignition problems: Older gas furnaces use a pilot light while newer ones usually have an electric ignition system. A thermocouple detects when they’re lit and feeds gas into the system accordingly. If the pilot light, electronic ignition, or the thermocouple suffer damage, the gas will shut off and the furnace won’t ignite.
  • Low air flow: Reduced air flow can keep your house from being heated quickly like it should, raising costs and increasing wear and tear on your system. Low air flow can result from blockage in you ducts, an overloaded fan motor, a bent or damaged fan, or problems with the fan bearings. A trained technician should be able to pinpoint the problem and make an effective repair.

Regardless of the type of problem you encounter, you want your repair service to do their jobs quickly and thoroughly. If you need Charlotte, NC heating repair services, just call  Air Conditioning Experts. We handle common gas furnace problems of all varieties, and our staff of professionals will conduct operations with your complete satisfaction in mind. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call us today and make sure your gas furnace is running at top efficiency.

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