Damaged Ductwork and Air Conditioning Repair in Charlotte

Posted by Chris Allen

Air conditioning repair in Charlotte means moving quickly to fix whatever issue arises; our North Carolina can get very hot and humid, and without fast action, an air conditioning problem can result in uncomfortable days for you and your household. This is especially true with the issue of damaged ductwork and air conditioning repair. The ducts don’t require servicing as often as the central unit, since they don’t feature electronic components and rarely “break down” the same way. Even so, they serve a vital function in your AC unit’s ability to function – distributing cool air throughout your household – and when they suffer damage, you can feel the impact.

The most obvious consequence of damaged ducts is reduced air flow. If a leak or a fissure develops in the system, cool air from your central unit will escape and the overall flow will be reduced. The same thing will happens if the ducts crumple or bend, even if there isn’t an active breach. That forces your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home, which raises your electric bills every month while increasing strain on other components. The longer it’s left untreated, the more likely the air conditioner will suffer from another breakdown, resulting in more serious repairs.

Damaged ducts can also allow dust and other forms of debris into your system, which can further restrict air flow. More importantly, the air blown through the system will also blow the dust throughout your house, reducing the quality of your indoor air and making it especially difficult for household members with allergies or sensitive lungs. A duct cleaning service can remove the dust, but if there’s damage in the system, most dust will collect just as quickly. You need to repair the damage before the issue can be resolved.

In many cases, a quality air conditioning service can repair damaged ductwork, restoring efficiency to your air conditioning unit and saving you money in your monthly bills. For damaged ductwork and air conditioning repair in Charlotte, call Air Conditioning Experts. We’ve serviced the greater Charlotte area since 1995 and are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today.

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