How Air Leaks Impact Your Air Conditioning in Charlotte

Posted by Chris Allen

Ideally, your air conditioning would only cool the living area of your home without any escaping into the outside or into unoccupied spaces of the home like the attic or in between the walls. That provides maximum efficiency, which keeps your energy bills down while allowing your house to stay cool and comfortable. Air conditioning in Charlotte, NC, with its hot summer months, is anything but a luxury, which is why air leaks have a considerable impact on your air conditioning system.

Most air leaks develop in the duct system of your home. Normal corrosion or loose fittings can create imperfect seals between the ducts, while age might lead to cracks along the ducts. Similar leaks may occur elsewhere in the system, often with the same cause: outdated or faulty components, corrosion, or physical damage.

Regardless of the cause, air leaks greatly impact the effectiveness of your air conditioning. Because the air is being siphoned out of the system, it’s not circulating through your house. Less cool air means that the system needs to work harder in order to cool your house. That translates into higher energy costs and a hit to your pocketbook when those monthly bills come.

Furthermore, an air leak may decrease your air conditioning’s ability to dehumidify your home; this is a significant concern in a city like Charlotte, NC. That contributes to the build-up of stuffy and uncomfortable air in your household, and may accelerate the deterioration of the ducts and other nearby components as well. If left unattended, a leak can result in a significant repair bill on top of the added cost of cooling your home.

The good news is that qualified professionals can identify and repair many air leaks without too much trouble. Expert technicians know how to pinpoint the exact location of the leak and seal it up – or replace the corroded part – in such a way as to keep the leak from returning. The professionals at Air Conditioning Experts serve the Charlotte area, and can both find and repair your leaky ducts before they lead to trouble with other parts of your air conditioning system. Call us today to schedule an appointment.  


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