How to Get Ready for Air Conditioning Season

Posted by Chris Allen

Perhaps you think it’s a bit early to start thinking about the time of the year when you switch on your air conditioner to beat the heat. After all, it’s still winter, and temperatures in Charlotte are averaging below 50°F during the day. You probably haven’t turned your air conditioning on for a few months.

However, it’s because your AC has been inactive for a long stretch that you need to think ahead to make sure it’s ready to handle the work when it becomes active again. During the upcoming spring, when the temperatures will hover between the seasonal extremes, is an excellent time to take advantage of the slower schedules for HVAC technicians and have the necessary work done to prepare for the season.

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Steps to take to get ready for the AC season

  • Change the air filter: Your air conditioner contains a filter to trap dust, dirt, and other debris from entering the cabinet and causing damage to components. The filter can become clogged and reduce air flow as well as allow debris through. Make sure you start off the season with a clean filter.
  • Schedule regular maintenance if you haven’t already: You should have regular maintenance scheduled for both your heater and AC each year. This maintenance is key to keeping your air conditioner working at its best and without any looming major repair needs. A maintenance technician will look over your AC, perform necessary cleaning and adjustments, and test the system to see that it is working efficiency.
  • Have repairs done right away: If your AC was acting up before it was shut off for the winter, or if a maintenance technician discovers problems during the check-up, don’t hesitate about scheduling repairs. You don’t want an unexpected warm day to arrive only to have your AC start malfunctioning right when you turn it on. Or for it not to turn on at all.

Start the season right (and early) with Air Conditioning Experts

Having a regular maintenance visit for your AC is the most important step in your preparations, since it will identify many of the other steps you’ll need to take to make sure that your air conditioning in Charlotte, NC will give you the most effective and efficient performance during the summer.

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