Is a Gas Furnace a Safe Heating Option?

Posted by Chris Allen

You have many different options today for powering your heating system in North Carolina. Once only wood and coal could do the job, but today you will find an array of different heaters that use electricity, propane, oil… and natural gas.

Furnaces that burn natural gas to create heat remain one of the most popular choices for home comfort during the winter. However, if you are currently looking over your choices for a new heating installation, you may have concerns about the safety of a natural gas furnace in Charlotte, NC. The burning of fossil fuels can produce toxic byproducts, and also cause explosions; it’s natural to worry about having a system that uses this sort of power installed in your house.

Here’s the most important thing to know about natural gas-powered furnaces: they pose no greater threat to your health than any other heating system. Modern manufactures of gas furnaces go to great lengths to make them as hazard-free as possible, fitting them with fail-safe precautions such as a thermocouple that will sense when the pilot light goes out and then shut down the gas flow to prevent flooding the combustion chamber with gas that can trigger an explosion. If you keep your gas furnace performing to its manufacturer’s specifications, you should have no worries from toxic or combustible gas leaks.

Preventive maintenance

But to do this, you need regular maintenance from HVAC technicians like those at Air Conditioning Experts. During a visit, maintenance technicians will check that all the components of your furnace are operating as they should, and provide adjustments where necessary. Maintenance will keep the burners clean and see that the gas flow is correct. If there are issues that require repair, such as replacing cracked heat exchangers (a common source for exhaust leaks), the technician will take care of them before they turn into safety problems.

Prompt repairs

In addition to maintenance, make sure you call for repairs the moment you sense anything is wrong with your gas furnace. These signs include odd smells from the vents, loud clacking or booming noises from the cabinet, or a sudden loss of heating power.

We recommend our customers have maintenance done once a year. The best way to do this is to sign up for the Comfort Club at Air Conditioning Experts. Members receive comprehensive inspections in the spring (for the air conditioner) and the fall (for the heater), plus a 15% discount on parts and labor. You can rest easy with the gas furnace in your Charlotte, NC home if you let the technicians at Air Conditioning Experts take good care of it.

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