Rattling Ductwork and Air Conditioning Repair in Charlotte

Posted by Chris Allen

Charlotte, NC experiences its share of hot, humid days, just like most of North Carolina.  Air conditioning systems make a wonderful solution to the problem, with cool air circulated throughout your home while temperatures rise outside. You don’t want that process interrupted by a costly repair call, which is why it pays to notice early signs that something may be amiss with your air conditioning system. For instance, if your ductwork rattles when you turn your AC unit on, it may suggest a potential problem that you should deal with before it gets worse.

Rattling ducts usually indicate loose ducts:  broken connections or seals that have come loose. The length of duct is likely shaking in its house, creating the noise. The issue needs to be addressed because leaky ducts will lose some of the cold, conditioned air they distribute throughout your home, making it harder to keep your home comfortable. Your energy bills will go up and the problem will get worse until a professional corrects it.

In some cases, the rattling sound may actually be coming from the air conditioning unit itself rather than the ductwork. It can stem from a loose component, a bolt or other item trapped in the mechanism, a puller in need of tightening, or a mount for the fan motor that hasn’t been secured. In these cases, the rattling sound travels through the ductwork itself, disguising its origins and making it appear as if the ducts themselves are rattling.

Regardless of the cause, however, a qualified professional can perform proper corrections. If the ducts themselves are loose, a technician can tighten the connections or re-seal the leak. If the rattle is elsewhere in the system, the technician can pinpoint the location and perform similar maintenance.

Either way, it pays to have the right air conditioning repair service on your side. Air Conditioning Experts can travel throughout the Charlotte, NC area to help you, and our trained technicians work with courtesy and efficiency to resolve the issue. We’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction, and endeavor to fix the problem the first time, every time. Call us if you need air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC.

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