Reasons to Consider Radiant Heating in Charlotte

Posted by Chris Allen

There are many different types of heating systems you can get in your Charlotte home. Including some you might not have considered, such as radiant heating which warms the room directly through the floors. The system employs tubes full of water, running directly under the floorboards. The radiant heat thus passes directly through the furnishings (and your feet) to warm you without relying on blown air the way a furnace does. There are some very good reasons to consider radiant heating in Charlotte. We’ve listed some of the more prominent ones below.

  • Less expensive. Though radiant heating systems cost more to install, they use less energy than furnaces or boiler, which means they will save you money on monthly energy bills. Furthermore, because they don’t have many moving parts, they don’t suffer breakdowns as often and repair bills tend to be lower than they might with another form of heating.
  • Even heating. Radiant heating is more “direct” than blown air, which means it doesn’t rely on ducts or vents to do its job. That means there are no drafts or cold spots to deal with, and since there are no fans to blow, radiant heating systems operate silently as well. The entire room is warmed evenly, increasing comfort levels and the general ease of use accordingly.
  • Resale value. Radiant heating systems make for an instant selling point for potential buyers of your home, which improves the resale value and may even recoup the initial investment depending upon the state of the market.

Of all the reasons to consider radiant heating in Charlotte, the best are still the simplest: ease of use, comfortable heating, and money kept in your pocket when those monthly bills show up. If you need heating service in Charlotte, call Air Conditioning Experts, Inc today! We can explain all of your options to you and help you select a heating system that matches your needs and budget, then install it with professionalism and care. Pick up the phone and make an appointment today!

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