Should I Schedule Heating Repair if Only 1 Room Is Cold?

Posted by Chris Allen

During the winters in Charlotte, you need to have an effective and efficient heating system keeping your house warm. If you notice that there is one room that isn’t getting warmth, you might wonder if it means your heater needs repairs.

It’s possible that your heating system is at fault for this kind of uneven heating. However, before you call for repairs, look for a few other explanations that may account for the trouble. We’ll go over some of the reasons for a cold room in your house and tell you what you can do about it.

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Basic reasons for a cold room

Escaping heat: Make sure that heat isn’t finding a way to flee out of the frigid room. Is there an open window somewhere, or are there leaks to the outside around the window? Does the room have proper insulation to trap heat? Seal up any leaks to keep the warmth inside.

Closed/blocked vents: Look to see that the vents into the room are open (if you have a furnace or forced-air heat pump) and that no furniture has been moved to block them.

Incorrectly set zone thermostats: If you have zone heating, one of the thermostats may have been set so that it isn’t supplying heat to the individual room.

Get professional repairs

If none of these solutions appear to fix the trouble, then you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional to see if your heater requires repairs. For a zone system, one of the thermostats may have developed a malfunction. Forced-air heaters may have breaks in their ducts that are allowing heat to escape. The heater may have lost its heating efficiency because of wear and tear so it isn’t supplying enough heat to reach that one room. The worst-case scenario is that the heater is too small for your home and was incorrectly sized when it was installed. In this case, you will likely need to get a replacement heater with a professional determining how large it should be.

One thing you shouldn’t do: ignore a cold room. Whether an open window or the wrong size heater, whatever is causing the cold room means that something is wrong. Even if your heater isn’t malfunctioning, it will have to work harder to compensate for the heat loss in that room, and that can lead to repair needs and even a breakdown. Investigate immediately, and call Air Conditioning Experts if there is no simple explanation for the cold room. We’ve helped remedy problems like this with excellent heating repair in Charlotte, NC since 1995.

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