Thermostats and Heat Pump Problems

Posted by Chris Allen

A heat pump works like an air conditioner, but it is able to reverse the heat transfer process, allowing it to warm your home in the winter as well as cooling it in the summer. Like an air conditioner, it cycles refrigerant gas through a series of coils that first converts the gas into a liquid form (releasing heat into the air), then evaporates it back into a gas (absorbing heat from the air). Heat pumps work well in places with mild winters like North Carolina. Thermostats and heat pump problems are often connected, and many of the problems Charlotte heat pump professionals need to deal with stem from the heat pump’s thermostat.

The thermostat allows you to control when the heat pump turns on and off. A coil consisting of two different types of metals will expand and contract as the temperature changes, allowing it to trigger a switch that turns the heat pump off and on. If something interferes with that process, the heat pump either won’t turn on at all or it won’t turn off when it’s supposed to. The causes of such issues are numerous, but can include:

  • Dust inside the thermostat, preventing it from reading the temperature properly.
  • An electrical problem, preventing the thermostat from receiving power. (Check the batteries if you have a remote thermostat.)
  • The thermostat is located in a cold spot, near a draft or in some other location that can’t accurately gauge the temperature.
  • The thermostat may simply be set to an incorrect temperature. In the case of heat pumps, make sure the thermostat is set no more than five degrees above the current temperature. You can make adjustments as you go.

With thermostats and heat pump problems, it pays to bring in a professional to look at it. In Charlotte, heat pump repair can be performed by Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. with thoroughness and professionalism. Without a functioning thermostat, your heat pump is all but useless. Give us a call today and let us put yours back on track!

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