What is a Furnace Fan Limit Switch?

Posted by Chris Allen

The furnace fan limit switch is important component in your gas furnace, helping to provide warm air on cool days when you need your house to be comfortable. When the switch is damaged or disabled, it can create huge problems for you home heating. It helps to understand how it works in conjunction with the remainder of your furnace. If you have any questions about your gas furnace in Charlotte, give Air Conditioning Experts a call.

Have you ever noticed that when you turn on your furnace, the air doesn’t blow right away? That’s because several steps need to be taken before heating can begin. The burners have to be ignited and the heat exchangers need to get to work before enough hot air is generated to be blown into your home, Otherwise, the fan will turn on immediately, blowing cold air into your home and making it harder to reach the temperatures you want.

That’s where the furnace fan limit switch comes into play. It’s a control system that determines when the hot air created by the furnace is sufficient to start blowing into your home. When it is, it activates the fan and the heating process can begin in earnest. You can probably see what happens when the limit switch encounters problems. The fan either won’t turn at all (denying your home any heat) or it will start turning too early (blowing cold air into your home and making it more difficult to warm up).

Either way, it spells trouble. In the former case, it means your heater is effectively useless. In the latter, it means your furnace needs to expend unnecessary energy to work: raising your bill in the process. Luckily, Air Conditioning Experts can help. We know what a furnace fan limit switch can do, and we can correct most problems with it quickly and efficiently. We handle most problems associated with heating in Charlotte, meaning you can call on us at anytime for help with your furnace. Our trained staff is ready to help you and has nothing but your complete satisfaction in mind at all times!

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