What to Do if Your Heating Costs Soar

Posted by Chris Allen

It can be a daunting moment: opening up your monthly electric bill only to find it much higher than you could have possibly anticipated. It can be doubly surprising if you haven’t used your heater any more often than normal. That usually indicates some kind of problem with the heater that needs to be addressed if you want your bills to go down.  Here’s what to do if your heating costs soar. If you need any heating service in Charlotte, give Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. a call today.

The first step is usually to schedule a maintenance visit from a qualified service technician. He or she will clean dirty components in your heater, tighten any loose bolts or fittings and identify any worn parts that could use replacing. That often goes a long way towards improving its overall efficiency. Burners can get clogged by dirt, lines and ducts can become blocked, and lost components will rattle in their housings, all of which will force the heater to work harder than it should. A maintenance visit will not only improve the heater’s efficiency, but help lower the risk of more serious repairs later along the line.

In addition, you can do things around your home to lower heating costs that aren’t directly connected to the heater. If you have the room in your budget, you might consider adding more insulation to your house, which will allow it to better retain heat. You should also check doors and windows for cracks along the edges, where warm air may escape. Weather stripping purchased at any hardware store can help alleviate that issue. Finally, there are the expected simple steps to take that can reduce your energy consumption for heating, such as dressing warmly and setting your thermostat a few degrees lower than normal.

Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. help you determine why your heating costs have gone up, then implement sensible and cost effective solutions. If you’re worried about the rising costs of heating, then give us a call to set up a consultation. We’ll help find a solution that’s right for you!

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