What You Need to Know about Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

Posted by Chris Allen

If you’ve considered going “ductless” for your heating and cooling in Charlotte, then you’ve already given some consideration to the ductless mini split heat pump, one of the most popular ways to bypass ductwork for home comfort. Ductless mini splits have been popular in businesses for many years, particularly restaurants, but have now entered into residential homes as an excellent option for new construction and add-on rooms.

Here are a few things you should know about ductless mini splits before you commit to installation. And make sure that before you commit, you seek professional advice from an HVAC technician to make sure that going ductless is your best choice. Air Conditioning Experts, Inc can assist you with ductless systems and perform a proper heat pump installation in Charlotte, NC that will let you enjoy all the benefits of your new system.

Some basics about ductless mini split heat pumps

  • Yes, they are heat pumps: The action of a mini split heat pump is no different from a standard split heat pump. Refrigerant cycles between indoor and outdoor units, moving heat from one place to another and releasing/absorbing it through coils. A reversing valve changes the refrigerant’s direction to switch between heating and cooling mode. Where the difference lies is in the layout: a ductless mini split uses multiple, smaller indoor units instead of a single one hooked up to ventilation system.
  • They provide zone heating and cooling: The multiple indoor units (blower units) that send conditioned air straight into a room permit a homeowner to separately control the temperature in different parts of the house. This is called “zone control,” and it can translate into large energy savings since it means no longer needing to heat or cool rooms that aren’t receiving use. It also allows individuals to adjust the local temperature to their liking.
  • They may not be your best option: Ductless mini split heat pumps are ideal for building new homes (since they allow more freedom of construction without ductwork) and for add-on rooms (since they don’t need a complex hook-up to the rest of the ventilation system). For homes that already have ductwork installed for an AC or a furnace, a ductless mini split may not be the most economical route toward heating and cooling, and a standard heat pump might be a better choice. Consult with installers for advice about which option will work best for you.

Whether you go with a standard heat pump or a mini split heat pump, your can trust to Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. for a great heat pump installation in Charlotte, NC. 

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