When Heating Repair Is No Longer an Option

Posted by Chris Allen

With the proper maintenance for your heater, matched with prompt professional repair when necessary, the system should last for many years. But a time will come, usually when the heater has reached of exceeded its manufacturer’s expected lifespan, that repairs will no longer do the job of keeping the system going. When that happens, you must schedule a replacement installation and start with a fresh system that will save you money on repairs and deliver superior heating efficiency.

Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. can assist you with installation, as well as the heating repair in Charlotte, NC you may need with a new heater. We’ll help you understand in more detail how to tell if your heater has moved past the repair stage and should be replaced.

Signs that it’s time to replace, not to repair:

  • Escalating repair bills: How much is too much when it comes to the repairs you need to keep your furnace, heat pump, or radiant heating working? Most heaters require their highest amount of repair during the last two years of their lifespan, so when you are calling for repairs more than once a year, it’s a major warning sign. Check over your repair bills: if your heating system costs $500 or more per year to keep it running, than replacement is a cheaper option.
  • Repairs do not effect climbing heating bills: Another set of bills to which you should pay attention: your energy bills. As heaters age, they begin to work less efficiently because of degrading parts. As the heater nears the end of the line, it will show a steady increase in operation costs. If you see this on your bills, and regular repairs are not stopping it, you should consider a full replacement.
  • It’s just an old system: Check on the manufacturer’s expected lifespan for the system. This will range from 10–12 years (common for heat pumps) to well over 20 (radiant heaters). If your system has exceeded this estimate by a few years, then you have already received a fantastic bargain from your initial investment, and you should replace the system before it experiences a catastrophic shutdown that leaves you in the cold. Select a warm time of the year for easy scheduling and convenience when it comes time for replacement.

If you want an outside opinion from an HVAC technician, call Air Conditioning Experts, Inc., and we’ll look to see if your heater needs replacement or further heating repair in Charlotte, NC. If it’s replacement time, our staff can help you select a new unit and then install it quickly so you will have many more years of effective and efficient comfort.

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