Why a Poor Heating Installation Puts Efficiency at Risk

Posted by Chris Allen

When it comes to heating installation, Charlotte NC residents need to know they’re in good hands. Our winters are cold enough (and winter storms severe enough) that you need peace of mind when it comes to the comfort and coziness of your home.  A reliable heater can be your best friend when the snows start falling, and reliability starts with the installation. If you good a good installation from a reliable service technician, your heater will respond with maximum efficiency. If you get a poor installation, that efficiency simply won’t be there. Here’s why a poor heating installation puts efficiency at risk.

Installing a heater starts with an accurate assessment of the heating needs of your home. This includes the amount of square footage you need to heat, but also things such as the amount of insulation in your home and the exposure to sunlight during key hours of the day. This is important because sizing of your furnace is so important” a small furnace won’t heat your home well enough, which a larger one will cycle on and off rapidly, wasting energy.

From there, the installation itself needs to perform according to specifications. Lines and fittings need to be connected perfectly, using the proper bolts and housed in the right foundations. The position of the heater needs to be optimal, taking into account its position in the house, the presence the duct system and the way it all connects together. If bolts are loose or fittings are imperfect, you’re bound to waste energy: in to air that escapes through the fissures, in components that undergo additional strain because they’re not properly secured, and in components that interact with each other in a less-than-perfect fashion. All of that will result in higher energy bills as the furnace works harder to do its job, as well as more repair costs as the strain takes its toll on your system.

If you know why a poor heating installation puts efficiency at risk, then trust the professionals to do the job right. Air Conditioning Experts offers excellent Charlotte NC heating installation services – so give us a call today and put your concerns about poor installation to rest.

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