Why Use a Radiant Heating System if you Have Allergies?

Posted by Chris Allen

Radiant heating systems  use tubes full or water or electrical coils planted under the floorboards to provide heat. The warmth moves upwards directly through the floor into your furniture or directly into your body, providing a warm and comfortable environment without the use of gas furnaces or ducts.  This offers several tangible advantages, and makes a particularly good fit with Charlotte, NC heating needs. Our city has its share of cold, wintry days and the efficiency  of radiant heating systems can save you big money. If you or a family member suffers from allergies , the results are even more enticing.

To understand the benefits of radiant heating to allergy sufferers, you have to understand how forced air systems can adversely affect them. Blown air means blown dust and dirt, which can accrue in duct systems and exacerbates allergies. It can also dry out the air, which  can irritate the nose and throat and make allergies worse. This is doubly true if time goes by between maintenance sessions, and during the spring and fall when allergens are more prevalent in the air.

Now consider a radiant heating system. There’s no dust because there’s no ducts and no blown air. The heat rises silently and without breeze,  which also keeps it from drying out your skin or nasal passages.  In addition to the immediate benefits, it requires less maintenance than an air-blown furnace, which means you don’t need to worry about getting it cleaned or maintained lest  you exacerbate someone’s allergies.

All of which makes the radiant heating system a very attractive option for homeowners dealing with allergies or poor health in general. If you are interested in learning more, Air Conditioning Experts can provide plenty of details, then schedule an installation session that meets your needs. Our technicians adhere to the highest possible standards and we are dedicated  to your complete satisfaction. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!


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