Why Your Heat Pump Blows Only Cool Air

Posted by Chris Allen

When you chose to have a heat pump installed, it was probably because a heat pump offers you two comfort solutions in one package: air conditioning and heating. So if you discover that your heat pump has apparently lost one of its functions—it’s only blowing cold air when you want to have warm air—then you need to look into the problem and see if the system requires repairs.

Call the trained technicians Air Conditioning Experts for heat pump repair in Charlotte, NC with rapid service and effective solutions. Your heat pump needs experienced repair personnel to restore it to working order, so make Air Conditioning Experts your first call when you find that your heat pump can’t live up to the “heat” part of its name.

Reasons your heat pump may only blow cool air

The basics first: check the thermostat to make sure you have it set right. Is the heat pump switched over into “heating” mode? Is the programming correct? Often, simple oversight can cause a heat pump to behave in a way its owner doesn’t want.

You may have set the thermostat correctly, but the thermostat may not be working correctly. The thermostat could have a miscalibration that is causing it to inaccurately sense the temperature in your home. If this is the case, it might keep the heat pump in cooling mode when it shouldn’t be. The thermostat may also have an electrical malfunction, which means it cannot communicate with the heat pump and turn it from one mode to the other.

The most likely malfunction in the heat pump itself that can cause it to remain in cooling mode is a broken reversing valve. This device is installed along the refrigerant coil and is responsible for changing the direction the refrigerant moves through the heat pump. Without the reversing valve, a heat pump will only operate in one mode. If the reversing valve breaks, you will need to have it replaced in order to get back both heat pump functions.

(All of the above applies to your heat pump during summer as well: a heat pump can get stuck blowing only warm air when you need cooling.)

Call experts—Air Conditioning Experts!

Heat pumps are complex devices that depend on a careful balance of machinery and refrigerant to work properly. Trying to repair one on your own (or attempting repairs on your thermostat) will likely lead to further problems instead of solutions. Have the work done fast and right the first time: call in Air Conditioning Experts and have licensed professionals handle your heat pump repair in Charlotte, NC. We’ll have your heating power restored in no time at all.


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