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Charlotte, NC Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services

While a heavy presence of airborne pollutants will lead most homeowners to seek a solution, few fully understand the ramifications of a humidity imbalance in the home. Many homes suffer from excessively dry or overly humid air, but the symptoms they cause are not always immediately linked to the problem. At Air Conditioning Experts, Inc., we know that improper humidity levels can have a serious impact on your comfort. That is why we offer great Charlotte, NC humidifier and dehumidifier services to help you restore proper humidity to your home. Contact us today to learn more about your humidifier and dehumidifier options.

The Charlotte, NC indoor air quality professionals at Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. offer quality repair, installation and other indoor air quality services throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Why Whole–Home Humidity Control is Beneficial

There are a lot of ways in which very dry or humid air can negatively impact your comfort and the condition of your home and possessions. While portable room humidifiers and dehumidifiers may be effective for small areas of your home, it stands to reason that the problem is probably just as prevalent in other areas of the house. Why only treat part of the problem? With a whole–home humidifier installation, moisture is injected into the air within your HVAC system. That way you can keep your home comfortable temperature wise without sacrificing proper humidity. A whole–house dehumidifier works in conjunction with your AC or independently to reduce the amount of humidity in your home, leaving you comfortable and eliminating the risks associate with overly humid air.

Signs that You Need a Humidifier

There are many common indicators that a humidifier may be necessary in your home. If you notice any of these problems, contact the Charlotte, NC humidifier technicians at Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.. Frequent dry, sore throats, bloody noses, and aggravated allergy symptoms may be the result of air that is too dry. You may also notice chipping paint and peeling wallpaper in your home, as well as painful electrical shocks. To schedule any Charlotte, NC humidifier installation, repair, or replacement services, call us today. We can help protect your comfort and the condition of your home with a great humidifier paired with our exceptional installation services.

When to Schedule a Dehumidifier Installation

Other problems in your home may indicate a need for a Charlotte, NC dehumidifier installation. Damp areas on carpeting or wallpaper are common signs of excess humidity in your home. Any damp, musty odors or clammy, stuffy areas in your house may also be the result of high humidity. While these problems are certainly undesirable, more troubling is the fact that very humid climates promote the growth of biological pollutants such as mold and bacteria. Protect your home and your health with a whole–house dehumidifier. If your existing dehumidifier is not performing properly, give us a call. Our Charlotte, NC dehumidifier repair and maintenance services can help you get the dehumidification performance you need.

For Charlotte, NC Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services, Contact Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

Whatever your particular humidity problems may be, the Charlotte, NC humidifier and dehumidifier installation, repair and replacement services offered by Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. may be the solution you need. Call now to learn more. We can help you live in the comfortable, healthy environment you deserve.